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Common Refrigerator Problems:

Refrigerator Leaking Water -
 Several different "other problems" can cause this problem,but a common cause of leaking water is a clogged drain.  On side-by-side refrigerators (same theory on top and bottom refrigerators) the drain is located in the freezer behind the back wall. Once you take the back wall off, you will notice a silver pan at the bottom of the refrigerator (freezer section) and you will notice a layer of "ICE" .That layer of ice confirms that you have a clogged drain. Underneath that layer of ice is a hole that is frozen up.
Repair Your Refrigerator - Now you will need a special tool that every appliance repair man has with him "a womans hair dryer".(You would be surprised at how many customers ask why there is a hair
dryer in my tool box)  Take the hair dryer and start defrosting the ice, (I find this done easier if you
set your refrigerator to "0" to turn the system off) Once you've spent 30 minutes or so melting the ice and can actually see the drain hole you may need a piece of wire or something 5 inches long and flexible as well as strong to stick down  the drain.  Keep doing this a eventually you will see all the water (from the ice you melted) go rushing down the refrigerator drain.  Problem Solved!

So why did you have this problem with your refrigerator and how can you prevent it from happening
again?  The only cause for this problem is food getting stuck in the refrigerator drain, refrigerator
going into defrost cycle and the water not draining into the drain pan under the refrigerator.  Be very
careful when cleaning your refrigerator and take note not to "push" food through the vertical vents
at bottom of freezer.

Refrigerator Not Cooling - This is the most common problem with all refrigerators and there are many different things within your refrigerator that can cause this problem.  There are "whole" books written on how to fix a refrigerator with cooling issues.  

If you are hearing this sound and everything in your refrigerator and freezer is melting (going bad) UNPLUG your REFRIGERATOR!  That sound is VERY bad for your compressor, (it is trying to start over and over)  You need to be experienced in
checking the compressor, start, overload and run relays....

You will need call us  949-608-1656

Don't forget to unplug your refrigerator ASAP if you hear this sound as if you leave it running you could damage the compressor (and then you have a 370lb paper weight)!

No Sound, No Lights -
Plug your refrigerator in, (check breaker etc...)  Yes, I have gone to a
customers home and all I had to do was plug in their refrigerator and charged them $40.00 service
call.  (sometimes its the small things we overlook)

No Sound, Lights On -
Most likely stuck in a defrost mode.  Depending on the brand/age of the
refrigerator there are several different problems that could cause this problem.  Once again we
suggest letting a professional handle the diagnostics and repair of the refrigerator.

Not Cooling, Can hear fan running, No Hmm, click sound -
Check the back wall in the freezer
about 3/4 of the way down, Is there ice build up?  What kind of ice?

Solid Clear Ice -
check the ice maker and ice maker fill tube for leaks, may have leaked down             
                          and froze over the evaporator coils blocking airflow.

Snowy Frosted Ice -
You have a defrost problem!  All your cold air in the Freezer and the                   
                                 refrigerator come from behind the back wall in the freezer and airflow is              
                                 being blocked to upper freezer (may also cause ice maker not to work)              
                                 and refrigerator section.  Once again depending on refrigerator brand               
                                 and age there are many things that could cause this problem,       
                                 Under NO circumstance should you attempt to "CHIP" at the ice          
                                  behind the back wall as the evaporator is made of soft aluminum and you         
                                  WILL destroy your refrigerator if you puncture the evap. coils.

Refrigerator Not Cooling -
Many other companies suggest checking the condenser coils
underneath the refrigerator for dust build up.  This is rarely the cause of a refrigerator not cooling.  
Dust build up would have to be "blanked" thick to really have any affect on cooling issues.  But, it is
a good idea if you have a dog with long hair that loves to lay on the floor in front of the refrigerator
to ask he/she to find a new favorite spot to lay.  If your dog insist on laying in front of the refrigerator you will need to at least once a year take the front panel off and vacuum out all of he/she's hair from the condenser coils.

Ice Maker not working -
Try turning your freezer cold control down a notch or two and give
it a day.  Ice makers have a thermostat in them and if their not happy with the temperature (15
degrees or so) they will not work.  If turning the cold control down does not work we suggest having
a tech come out and diagnose the problem. Also please note, the ice maker not working may be a sign of a bigger problem such as a refrigerator having defrost issues as described above.

Water Dispenser not working -
Sometimes the water line that goes through the door can
freeze.  This is especially common with GE refrigerators.  GE refrigerator insulation in the freezer
door isn't insulated enough.  This is a "known" problem with GE refrigerators!  If you are having this
problem you have two options: 1) call GE and complain...complain...complain, and if your lucky they
may just send you a brand new door (but then YOU have to put it on...not fun at all), or, 2) Turn
freezer off and open the door, leave door open for 4 to 5 hours.  This melts the water inside the
water line inside the door.  Once working again you may get a year if your lucky before the
refrigerator freezer door freezes the water line again.